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13 June 13


I made this entire track using only one sample. 
The dial-up sound that so many of us remember from browsing the internet in the early days. It’s not really meant to be a real song, more like an exercise in simplicity. It’s very easy to get stuck using the same sounds over and over again, so I do things like this from time to time to break the routine.

I wanted to share the actual session file so you can look a little deeper if you’re so inclined. You’ll need Ableton 9 Suite (or at least Live 9 + Sampler). I’m using UAD reverbs, so you’ll have to re-create those on your own.

I sampled the initial tone and created the main melodies with that. The “drums” are made using the noise section. The kicks are pitched wayy down and I used a filter to give it a nice 200/300 bump. Snares are pitched higher and I used reverb to give it a tail. The hi hats are pitched normally but they’re different enough from the snare that it makes sense. The bass is pitched down and heavily filtered to give it a sine wave kind of sound.


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Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh