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3 July 13

BART’s first strike since a six-day protest in 1997.

Despite increases in the cost of living, BART employees haven’t received a raise in five years.

In addition to a wage increase, the unions have demanded that BART add safety improvements, including bullet-proof glass in station booths and better lighting in tunnels. The well-publicized incident of a naked acrobat gallivanting in San Francisco’s Mission-16th Street Station and harassing a passenger was just one of many attacks in the recent past. Days before their contract ended, BART’s unions filed a lawsuit over BART directors’ refusal to bargain in good faith over worker safety.

Union members pointed to more than 2,400 “serious crimes” at five stations in just the last three years, including more than 100 physical assaults on BART employees, and more than a 1,000 physical assaults on riders. The unions have also said that workers have risked their lives and been killed because of poor lighting in tunnels.

(Source: celebistar)

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